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"Laughter is the Best Medicine"

We have all heard the old saying, "Laughter is the Best Medicine," and it is indeed a valid statement. Laughter is contagious, and spreads joy in a healthy way.

Laughing to Improve Your Health.

People love to laugh and usually feel much better when they do. Laughing is truly physiologically therapeutic. It helps the blood to flow, allows the body to relax, and releases endorphins, all of which may decrease a person's level of pain.

Laughing can help you to cope during stressful situations. It may also bring a balance to your immune system, thereby helping you to fight off sickness and disease. Studies have also shown that laughter, and a good sense of humor, may help to prevent heart disease and heart attacks.

With our life's busy schedules, health problems, people living with life threatening disease, employees concerned about job security, men and women in recovery from substance abuse, parents dealing with the stresses of parenthood, and participants in self-help groups are finding it hard to "Grin and Bear It." In order to survive and thrive in these stressful times, people need to develop techniques to help them cope with loss, relapse, setbacks, disappointments, and every day problems.

We need to take a break and enjoy some time not thinking or worrying about anything. This part of the site is just to do that.

Enjoy, and hopefully you will laugh or at least smile for a little bit with the following.

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