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Spiritual may include belief in supernatural powers, as in religion, but I believe the emphasis is on experience. In recent years, "spirituality" has often carried connotations of the believer's faith being more personal, less dogmatic, more open to new ideas and myriad influences, and more pluralistic than the faiths of established religions.

Others hold that spirituality is not religion, per se, but the active and vital connection to a force, power, or sense of the deep self.

My definition of spiritual is of or pertaining to the intellectual and higher endowments of the mind; mental; intellectual. Truly an individual's quest for understanding the true meaning of life and the desire to integrate with the transcendent or sacred. It may or may not arise from or lead to community formation or ritual observance.

Then I now share with you some spiritual gifts.

Spiritual links listed below by title.

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10 Guidelines From God
A Positive Thought
Never worry
The 7 Ups

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